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Server virtualization has been a game-changing technology for IT.  It provides efficiencies and capabilities that just aren't possible when constrained within a physical world.

Server virtualization is a method of running multiple independent virtual operating systems on a single physical computer/server. It is a way of maximizing physical resources to maximize the investment in hardware.

There are many benefits to an organization or business when choosing to implement an IT  server virtualization strategy. With the technology we have today, there are no excuses why you shouldn’t be jumping into virtualizing your company’s server infrastructure. 

Below are the top 10 (tried and tested) benefits and reasons :



10. Save energy, go greenvirtualisation.png

9. Reduce the data center footprint

8. QA/lab environments

7. Faster server provisioning

6. Reduce hardware vendor lock-in

5. Increase uptime

4. Improve disaster recovery

3. Isolate applications

2. Extend the life of older applications

1. Help move things to the cloud


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